… come, talk to me about the sea/ … komm, spich mit mir vom meer 2019

we are more and more products of our metropolitan areas, the result of highly processed food, artificial lounges, and light, of fast, uncompromising relationships. Once as part of nature, we only become spectators.
In this series, I tried to feel what connects animals and people in and around water – as the origin of all life: peace, joy, wellbeing, security.
I‘ve been working in oil for 35 years – it has become my natural – and in many layers. But in order to maintain the freshness of the moment, I try to create an alla-prima impression.

in the hinterland of the sky/ im hinterland des himmels 2020

I create landscapes. I do not capture the immediate impression of what I have seen or experienced, but rather condense the memories and use them to build painterly constructs that have the power to visualize.
I do not rely on the imitated ability of the fine arts, but translate the appearances of the world of objects into the language of an autonomous painting. The pictures are very light and airy. They are reminiscent of overexposed photographs, of which the past speaks with a certain blurring.

white heat 2019

I have experimented with the hard light at the sea, where you squint your eyes, where the colors are only hinted at but appear different depending on the association – on a white background of nature.
The results amazed even myself.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maria Lie-Steiner



born in Bucharest / Romania
based in Munich
1984 high school graduation from art high school
1985-89 Academy of visual art Bucharest, class Prof. V. Grigore
1989 Diploma, Painting, Art Education and Restoration
1990-91 Costume design, Bucharest National Theater
1992 Training, École du Louvre, Paris
1996 – 2000 South Germany correspondent for PRO TV, Bucharest
2003 und 2004 Scholarship for video art, Mozarteum Salzburger Summer Academy, Ellen Cantor and Vally Export classes
2010-12 Studio Funding Program of the Government of Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern), Germany

one man show / projects (selection)

2020 – Department of Labor and Economics I Munich
Gallery in the Kornhaus ❘ Leutkirch/Allgäu
2019 – Evangelical City Academy ❘ Munich
2018 – AW0 Info Center Migration & Work ❘ Munich
'our mountains bear gold' – cultural protest ❘ Munich
2013 – Hotel & Education Center Matt ❘ Lucerne
2012 – Neuhausen City Library ❘ Munich
Hall 50 ❘ Munich
2006 – Art Pavilion ❘ Munich

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