“We Are Mary Jane”. 2018

This series and full exhibition is not only about woman smoking cannabis in the coffeeshops, it features woman’s relationship with cannabis plant from the tribes to modern days when woman also become cannabis entrepreneurs (“canabosses”). Woman always had special relationship with cannabis, it’s scientifically proven that cannabis affects woman in a different way then it affects men and so in this exposition you could follow this beautiful bond trough the centuries in various cultures until nowadays where woman slowly becoming leaders in cannabis industry.


I, Heterochromia. 2018

Accepting yourself is hard enough and even more so when you are a bit different. I started “collecting” heterochromia over five years ago out of my personal fascination trying to find mythological or scientific explanation of heterocheomia (the project was called “Children of Hags”). Yes later, I realised that what I liked about photographing heterochromia most was not only amazing eyes, but people’s stories and so it became project about accepting yourself with portraits and stories called I, Heterochromia. Enjoy this magical journey with me.


Motherhood. 2018

Becoming a mom changed my life tremendously. It was hard to follow my dream and be a mother, but I tried to balance it out as much as I could and I started meeting many moms that needed some help to love themselves again and find new person they had become and hadn’t have time to discover yet and so I started to go deeper in to each and every story before each and every photoshoot, find things woman would like to work on or improve and with couching and guided meditation we would enter the state woman was longing for and immortalise it in the photo so she could “remember” who she really is in the time of need. I called it phototherapy and there is allot to discover still, but these were my first works.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Maria Cavali


Maria became freelance photographer in 2011 and has been working as freelance for clients such as Llamas Valley, Time-Out, 1st Dibs, Luxurious magazine. Maria is also familiar with modelling, acting and social work which helped to develop keen sense of human nature and personalities, she always loved photographing people and capturing stories that clearly reflects in her work. Maria participated in several combined expositions, was selected as one of the featured artists for “Aesthetica magazine” with “I, Heterochromia project” as well as very successful recent cooperation with “Hemp museum” in Amsterdam whereby she made impressive series about woman in cannabis scene called “We are Mary Jane”. Feeling blessed to be able to finally realize that commercial photography is not for her,

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