Buried 2018

Self-portrait. The name of the work is “Buried”. It express the emotional struggle that comes with mental illness, and the feeling of being buried in depressive thoughts.

Bloodlines 2017

Self-portrait. This image shows my connection to my land and my roots. It’s part of a series called “Northern Gothic”, which is about my Scandinavian upbringing

Emily With Cockatoo 2017

I’ve always been inspired by painters, especially the old masters. I wanted to experiment with their lightning techniques and their use of color.

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Maren Klemp



Maren Klemp, born in 1984, is an award winning fine art photographer residing in Oslo, Norway.

In 2003, she studied fine art photography and visual communication under professor Robert Meyer at Robert Meyer Kunsthogskole in Oslo, Norway. During her studies she developed a highly distinctive style of photography, which can be described as dark, narrative and evocative. Maren work with both color and black and white photography and is known for her dreamlike photographs, with a hint of mystery.

Her fascination with psychology has resulted in several photographic projects. As a young mother she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and decided to photograph her own experiences with mental illness. In order to make the photographs as personal and honest as possible, she placed herself and her children in front of the camera, with the dramatic Norwegian nature as a backdrop. Maren’s work has won numerous awards, been shown internationally in both solo- and group exhibitions and it has bee

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