China Illustrata / 16000 Pigs 2012

China Illustrata is a documentary project about contemporary China.
The title comes from a book written, illustrated and published by Athanasius Kircher in 1667, an encyclopedic study on Chinese people, nature, and mythology, realized combining cartography, mythological stories, and information collected from pilgrims and travelers.

China Illustrata / Hong Kong, Ga Yau 2019

China Illustrata / Xinjinag 2014

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Marco Di Noia


Marco Di Noia (Ivrea, Italy 1975)
is a motion designer and visual artist based in Italy.
He works on commissioned and self-initiated projects, across a broad range of visual practices, including motion and graphic design, film-making, and photography.
His last project Hong Kong, Ga Yau, an account of the democratic movement in Hong Kong in 2019, has won the Rai Cinema Prize at Visioni dal Mondo 2020 and is featured in Format 21 International Photo Festival.

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