Conceptual Sand Painting Installation- “Red Sand On White Sand Over A Half Mile” 2019

“Red Sand On White Sand Over A Half Mile” – Interactive Earthwork Painting Installation on the sands of Miami Beach, FL. I lent my voice to the #REDSANDPROJECT to raise awareness and help the fight against modern day slavery, human trafficking, sex slavery and child labor, by painting the white sands of South Beach with red sand. This Project is a “participatory artwork. It uses sidewalk interventions, earthwork installations, and convenings to create opportunities for people to question, to connect and to take action against vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation. Overlooked populations, refugees, immigrants, girls, and others are most at risk of being enslaved, spending their lives being exploited for the profit of others. We can’t merely pass by or walk over the most overlooked and marginalized populations in our communities.” Therefore, I joined the movement to expand freedom and end modern-day slavery.

“Photographic Abstraction” or “Light Painting” 2019

This is a cross-media experiment between photography/painting: a camera is used as a tool to create non-representational paintings, reminiscent of the abstract expressionist period. I maneuver my camera as a brush in space capturing light, color and movement, similar to the gestural way abstract expressionists used their paint brushes. The work aims to provide an escape from the burdens of contemporary society through the total abstraction of reality, and aspire to connect the audience with emotions of joy. Social/political/cultural challenges are motivation to create outlets to help ease stress by offering images that allow the mind to relax and get lost in the motion, forms and colors; like an antidote to transform the discontent of the mind into happiness. This work frees viewers from limits of reality, providing opportunities for escape and self-reflection through non-objective imagery; a way to cope with life challenges. It’s produced in-camera without photo manipulation software.

Environmental Sculpture – “My Seahorse” 2019

This is a Site Specific Installation of “My Seahorse” on the sands of Miami Beach, FL. This environmental sculpture was constructed with plaster, wood, metal, and burlap. It measures 4 x 4.5 feet. “My Seahorse” was inspired by my love for the ocean and all of its creatures. It is also an appeal on behalf of the environment and all living beings. We live in a time when human impact on nature is severe. In protest against the calamities that our planet has suffered over the decades, I offer “My Seahorse” as a symbol of the frailty of our existence. “My Seahorse” was constructed with fragile and ephemeral components to reference the principle that the environment should be protected and treated delicately.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Marcia Brito

United States

I’m from Brazil and went to the USA at 18 with a Scholarship Award by the International Institute of Education (IIE) of New York, through juried competition for high academic performance to study at Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL. I’m now an American citizen based in Miami, FL. I’m certified by the Florida Department of Education to teach Art and have earned an MFA in Visual Arts from Jacksonville University, FL. I’ve an extensive record of national and international exhibits, photographic assignments, publications and awards. Besides a strong background in photography, I work in various media/concepts depending on the demands of each project with which I become involved. My practice encompasses experimental/innovative integration of materials, applying an interdisciplinary approach to art-making informed by contemporary theory, criticism and broader culture. Social/environmental issues are strong influences on my work as inspiration to produce artworks contributing to society.

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