PRINCESA MORTA DO JACUÍ is a short science fiction film, directed and written by Marcela Ilha Bordin. It deals with the consequences of agricultural expansion and it was shot in abandoned rice processing complexes in Southern Brazil. The film follows the expedition of an adventurer, Margot Moreira, who enters the exclusion zone of the Central Depression, where he finds the ruins of what was once a prosperous city and is faced with the ghosts that inhabit that landscape.


O TETO SOBRE NÓS is a hybrid short film, directed by Bruno Carboni and written by him and by Marcela Ilha Bordin. The film was shot in a real squat, in the city of Porto Alegre, which was under risk of eviction. In this socially charged setting, a fictional story takes place: a dispute between Ana and a ghostly figure who haunts her bedroom.


INTERRUPÇÕES is a video art made by Marcela Ilha Bordin. This 16 mm video deals with the passage of time and how it leaves traces on the space. It also deals with how we, the living, are connected to a network of debts, dependencies and negotiations with human and nonhuman beings.

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Marcela Ilha Bordin


Marcela Ilha Bordin has a background in screenwriting and literature and collaborated in the scripts of films such as the hybrid short O TETO SOBRE NÓS (68th Locarno Film Festival / Pardi di Domani), directed by Bruno Carboni. In 2018 she was selected for ScriptLab (TorinoFilmLab) with the feature O ACIDENTE, also directed by Carboni and produced by Vulcana Cinema, which is now in post-production. In 2020 she was selected for Buenos Aires Talents.
As a director she made the short-film PRINCESA MORTA DO JACUÍ, produced by Muitas Palmeiras and Vulcana Cinema and selected for festivals such as Viennale, Indie Lisboa, Rio International Film Festival, among others. Recently, Marcela made her second short, SERTÃO, AMÉRICA, shot in the Serra da Capivara, which is now in post-production.

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