OUT of EXHAUSTION performance 2019

A sequence in motion repeated over a long time period without variations except those dictated by the necessities inherent to the repetition itself.
The sequence of movements will be chosen only a few minutes before the performance and has never been experienced before under these conditions. Consequently, we do not know what to expect.
Where then is the creative act? It is in the readiness of the body-mind to face exhaustion, to negotiate the urgencies that will manifest and to cope with the continuous and inevitable process of adaptation. In this process vulnerability is implicit, whereas honesty is a choice that, in a state of urgency, acknowledges the abysses to overcome and identifies the resources that need to be activated in order to endure. From there, it will be our ingenious body-mind to take the initiative. An audiovisual support will accompany the performance and share the documentation of the physical and emotional challenges and strategies of the learning process.

OUT of EXHAUSTION / HMA Graphic 2020

Out of Exhaustion / visual Extract 2020

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

manuela martella


Researcher, dance artist, performer, teacher, polyglote and active member of the ASIRN (Axis Syllabus International Research Network). Co-founder of IUPLA Balancism. I put emphasis on movement analysis applied to dance, partnering, Contact Improvisa- tion and balance training through the lense of the HMA (Human Movement Alphabet) conceived by Frey Faust. I investigate ranges of stress and intense physical endurance in learning processes. Since my earlier experiences in Latin American Dance sport and the Fashion culture I also developed an interest for traditional, contemporary and future codes and role models of male and female.

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