Painting Series : My Body, I Can Sell 2020

I was inspired by hidden issue in Thailand, which is about Bangkok’s street sex workers. I’ve been conducting on fieldwork to gather their stories. Then, I developed this painting series during my stay as artist-in-residence in Germany. Purposing to interpret different aspects of lives and humanitarian reason, rather than portraying judge by cultural norm and society.
Body for sale and its many reasons.

What happened in Coconut Shell 2020

This project was developed during my stay in Germany, inspired by political news and situations in Thailand. The news were reported in details by German media, but limited on Thai mass media channels. The view of truth Thais was blinded to, is only allowed to be seen through the eye of foreigners.
Coconut shell is used as a symbolic object, to represent situations in Thailand ;where people’s rights to freedom of speech are suppressed, where the information is divided between people on the inside and outside, and where the truth can be seen clearly from the outside.
“Frog underneath a coconut shell” (Kob-Nai-Kala) is Thai idioms, which means somebody who has little knowledge or experience but thinks of themselves as wise. Coconut shell (Kala) becomes a metaphorical representation of current Thai Political landscape, as we are under the ruling of dictatorship.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Manita Kaewsomnuk


My name is Manita Kaewsomnuk, 30 years old Thai visual artist. Having been born and raised in a family of artists, arts naturally grows as my main passion.

My artistic standpoint is relate to aspects of human beings ; emotions, sex, and relationships. Identity of my work is portrayed female figures, The beauty of femininity mostly is use as a key subject, that I express my perspectives towards circumambient topics. Social and cultural context are significant motivation, that I develop my work to display my opinion and feeling through vary art discipline more than painting and drawing, such as, art in public space, collage, mix media. At the beginning, drawing and painting was my initial method that I created artworks. I continually develop my artworks and experiment on various technics, to break out my limitation.

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