In Tyrannis. 2017

In his works, Malte Zenses combines techniques of abstraction with questions from the fields of graphic design, semiotics and subculture. His creative process often includes personal experiences, which he has first gathered into an archive of drawings, and which he later carries over into his works as abstract codes. Zenses’s artistic practice can therefore also be described as the appropriation, translation and recycling of experienced reality.


Have you ever heard about der Traum ist aus. 2018

Built up from superimposed layers, his pictures reveal a variety of processing methods. Precisely placed markings and surfaces meet letters and ciphers, accompanied by note-like drawings. With their subdued colours – the artist uses primarily black, white and select pastel shades – and monochrome surfaces that allow partial views of the untreated canvas below, the works testify to a confrontation with the moment of emptiness and the fragmentary.



Complementing an approach that unites the conceptual with the gestural, a preoccupation with the space is another central point of departure in Malte Zenses’s artistic practice. This is also reflected in his minimalist sculptures, which engage in dialogue with the pictures as fictitious communication partners and further densify the connecting lines established within the space.

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Malte Zenses


Malte Zenses (b. 1987 Solingen, Germany; lives in Berlin) Solo exhibitions 2018 Have you ever heard about der Traum ist aus, Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels, BE 2017 IN TYRANNIS, Kunstverein Nuremberg, DE 2017 ABER, Salon Kennedy, Frankfurt a. M., DE 2017 pay for rituals, with Felix Kultau, Fiebach Minninger, Cologne, DE 2016 Lips, Studio Picknick, Berlin, DE 2016 NEW POSITIONS, Art Cologne, DE 2015 Pais, Krikrika & Fofi, Kadel Willborn, Duesseldorf, DE Groupshows (selection) 2018 bataillon d'amour at Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig, DE 2018 Cheated Eyes, Seeing Tongues, Studiopicknick, Berlin, DE 2018 UNLUST PRINZIP, Kasseler Kunstverein, DE 2018 Goodhopehouse, Galerie Kenilworth, Milwaukee, US 2018 High Ends, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesba

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