Africa School – Street Art 2019

During the Spring of 2019 we had the opportunity to apply what we know best, Street Art, on the walls of a school in São Tomé e Principe in Africa.

Village Underground – Street Art on freight container 2019

Street Art that we did during the Summer of 2019 at Village underground, a space for creativity and culture in Lisbon.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Malibu Ninjas


Established in 2017, Malibu Ninjas is a collective of visual artists who grew up and developed their mad skills within the graffiti subculture in the Lisbon metropolis. While exploring their interests, their wills also gained a different path and they start looking for other qualities in the illustration domain.

Nowadays, focused on the visual area, The Ninjas are able to meet any solution for those looking to communicate their ideas or cooperation during the creative process.
As a creative platform, Malibu Ninjas dedicates their strengths in the creation of original concepts, always with the intention of seeking solutions and fighting the forces of evil.

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