Angel 2019

The Western civilization in its spiritual sphere has retained the conviction that the human being as an individual is exercised by the so-called higher forces. The angel is one of the images of these forces – conducive to our development, protecting against adverse influences, showing directions of development. It is an undeniable symbol of love, care and caring for people. Often thinking about angels, we feel less lonely. But my angel is abandoned, lonely and sad. He is pondering the fate of a single human being, of all mankind. Earth as a planet or the cosmos as a whole. Material – banana bark – from which the work was created, its delicacy, airiness and transparent structure is a symbol of the elusiveness of the phenomenon of higher forces, the unclearness of their existence. It is an illustration of the fact that what we believe in manifests in our lives (eg angels and their help), and if we do not believe in something, then this fact is imperceptible in our lives.

My body 1995

Felt sculpture

I showed the complexity of human nature as horizontal layers, imposed on one another. During my studies, I already had two
children and watched how each word and gesture affected them. Their minds were as absorbent as sponges. I saw
my daughters form day after day. This work is about the complexity and multi-layeredness of a human being, about
many situations, matters, events that permeate and shape man.

Mask 9 2019

(The ble mask)
My masks reveal that moment when we are in complete peace with ourselves, even when distracted by
outside forces. Removing the mask off the subject, requires a perfect balance of mind and body. Even
though, every day we fill stress, nervous or impulsive, the situation of removing the mask enforces
immobility, peace, body balance. It is a situation in which a human been remains alone with their own
thoughts or non-thoughts, with their own ego, with their inspirations.
I invited very specific people close to my heart to cooperate on this work. Myself, daughters and few
close friends who were willing to participate in this project, and who were not afraid to face each other
and create an internal balance at least for a moment.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Malgorzata Jablonska


Małgorzata Jabłońska is a Polish artist best known for her textile, transparent images as well as delicate, embossed sculptures and masks which are made of bark and fabric.
Since the beginning of her career, she has been striving to create a new technique that would revolutionise the way we perceive works of art.
With her paintings without paint, she has certainly achieved this goal. She invented her own technique: uses layers of delicate fabrics – silk, nylon, chiffon – enclosed between two glass sheets to create unique pieces of art. In 1995, she graduated from the faculty of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She experiments creating unpainted, transparent, but colorful by depicting images.
Presentation of her above-mentioned works were exhibited in the Foundry Gallery in Washington, DC in August 2018 where she received a glorying review in the Washington Post and the critics pick from the Washington Local city paper.

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