Red in Blue 2017

This photograph is from Other Worlds project. It is an ongoing project started in 2017.
Artist Statement:
“In the intimacy of my room I dive deep into the unpredictable, hidden world of colors and liquids. While trying to capture the unstable forms with my camera, I’m searching for Other Worlds. Although in reality these worlds are squeezed in my kitchen bowl, I imagine them as new planets in the vastness of the Universe. For me those photographs represent a search for broader spaces, wider horizons, and a proof that even between the four walls of your room you could travel far with your imagination. When I create these photographs, I feel like I’m crossing the boundaries of the place where I physically stand and move to the infinite space of the mind. And there… everything is possible.”

Escape Landscape No. 9 2018

This photograph is from Escape Landscapes project. It is an ongoing project started in 2017.
Artist Statement:
“This series arose from the Other Worlds series. The photographs were made in the same way and in the similar conditions. But here I do not referee to the vastness of the Universe. I wanted to capture abstract motives which are more ambiguous, and don’t necessarily look so much ‘like’ something specific. At the beginning I did not know exactly what I was doing, but the excitement that I felt told me to continue. My motivation was curiosity and pure pleasure of creating images “out of nothing”, i.e. from the water, paint and other liquids that came under my hand. I used a small glass bowl, and a natural light from the window and/or the light of a table lamp. I used Photoshop only to transfer photos from the raw format. These photographs are very personal to me because they are my escape landscapes – imaginary places where I escape from everyday worries and realistic world.”

Floating Garden 2019

This photograph is from Floating Garden project. It is my new project started in 2019.
Artist Statement:
“In Floating Garden project my intent is to portray the fragile beauty of flowers from my garden. To emphasize the gentle and decaying forms and structures I photograph them through the aqueous medium. Besides the obvious reality – textures, shapes, colors and the composition – these motives have the emotional aspect. They represent my thoughts about the transience of life, beauty, youth…”

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maja Strgar Kurecic


Maja Strgar Kurecic is an Associate Professor at Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, where she teaches several courses about photography. Area of research relates to printing technology, digital photography and graphic design. Beside scientific work, she is engaged in artistic photography, publishing many photographs in books, magazines, art calendars, posters. She exhibits photographs on 50 group and 10 independent exhibitions, held in country and abroad. She is a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and CPPA (Croatian Press Photographers Association). For her photographs she won many prizes. Most recent (from 2019) prizes are: 12th JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARD – Winner in Abstract category, Minimalist Photography Awards – 1st place winner Abstract Photographer of The Year, ND Photography Awards – 1st place and Gold Star Award in Fine Art, TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards – GOLD WINNER, Nature Category.

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