Rising Phoenix 2020

This is a bronze sculpture, almost 1.5 ft.
"One is not born, but rather becomes a woman."
This line by Simon de Beauvoir is my inspiration for this artwork. When a woman dons her gender roles, it determines the socio- cultural meaning and the form that her body acquires.
My sculptures are based on every woman's life, her mental and social struggles to become a “woman” in society.
One of my sculptures is based on a woman in a cage with broken wings, the wings which are cut by patriarchal and other societal norms.
As a woman, and that too as a woman of color, even I have dealt with situations of hopelessness and struggled just to be a woman.
The caged existence of becoming a woman makes her break the chains to come out in rage. And come out stronger from her sufferings
Additionally, rephrasing what Karl Marx had said, “women have nothing to lose, but their chains” she stands as a symbol of a fearless woman ready to take up all challenges being stronger than ever.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Maithili Rajput



I am Maithili Rajput, I am from India and currently living in Greece. I recently completed my graduation in BFA painting and sculpture from Ohio Wesleyan University, United States.
I’ve lived in three continents with discrete cultures, and I realized that no matter where a woman lives and how different her experiences are, her challenges remain the same.
I observed the insecure social lives of girls throughout my childhood. It’s never easy for girls to live their life freely when they grow up. Girls aim to chase their dreams but social insecurity brings frustration. A woman’s journey has to pass through various phases like struggle to strengthen her budding wings, determination to shape her life and pursue her dream. I believe wings are the expression of freedom and resemble a distinct character of women.
I’ve been painting landscapes for some time but I was captivated by casting figures that can authenticate human emotions while pursuing my studies. My landscape paintings are focused

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