Sula 2019

Sula, size 100 x 80 cm, acrylic and oil. Inspired of finnish cold winter, a frozen lake with a ever molten spot.

Daily private 2018

Daily Private is mixed media, a part of my Daily collection. The colors are a combination of acrylic and extract of silk tissue on canvas board.

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Maija Vanhatapio


Maija Vanhatapio was born in Helsinki 1946 and lives now in Kajaani. Graduated as graphic designer, and later open university student in fine art of the University of Lapland . Vanhatapio’s work hails from personal and emotional experiences in the Nordic nature, interpreting the complex and multi dimensional levels to the voyer. She researches and experiments with textures and colours of the Nordic light and landscape with means of different media. Vanhatapio picks up from the scene important components, takes what is vital and thought provoking, and presents it on the canvas. She digests and rebuilds an abstract story that presents to the viewer a new form of nature experience. The works preserve the everlasting continuity of the realistic and natural ¬†experience in the wild without loosing its significance in the abstraction.

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