Fury of The Helm 2021

A fallen knight's helm takes over the body of another knight, embedding a murderous madness within them.

Extraterrestrials in Masks 2020

Two aliens decide to visit Earth whilst following pandemic regulations.

The Crimson Queen 2020

An illustration depicting the regal beauty of 60s french cinema Icon, Capucine.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Mai Bakr


I draw my art under the lenses of peculiarity, beauty, rage and the morbid. Such labes can be experienced as emotions or seen as depictions, adding life to the subject receiving and witnessing them. That is my philosophy regarding art, it is not only what is seen on the canvas, the strokes and the linework, but it is also the story and emotions and fantasy that inspired such work. Among other hobbies, I aso enjoy painting, photography, collecting, writing, archery, exploring and reading history. This is Mai Bakr and a brief summary into my life.

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