Akyute / MUTEK ES x 2019 [experience] – Mirror Mirror 2019

Mirror Mirror is a project which puts in evidence the intangible reflection of nature on us, using technology as a tool to see our reflection and requestion our future. It consists in the development of a MIDI controller by the sonification of biodata to recreate an electronic musical instrument. Simultaneously there is a hidden webcam, capturing the reactions of the public and projecting it before them with a time distortion.

This is an interactive installation which works through programming and sound composition softwares. We captured electric signals sent through to the roots of the plant when a person comes into contact with it, later transforming this data into sound. Creating a co-creative musical installation. Each plant is programmed with a different note, creating infinite possibilities.

Aural / Akyute / Bau 2019

Aural is an immersive experience that allows the user to “hack” its electromagnetic field.

We use the physical interaction with a luminic sculpture to design a soundscape in which the user is complete immersed in the emitted frequencies, being able to modify it in real time. Creating a feedback loop of action and reaction between the physical and energetic body, such practice provokes a state of deep relaxation throughout.

By doing so, the spectator can “design” their aura.

The initial concept of this project was to be able to visualize a users aura. We grew interest the study of alchemy and decided to find a way to transmute light into sound.

Biofeedback in Parc de la Ciudadella – Barcelona / Akyute 2019

The mesurement of the variation that ocures in the conductivity is what establishes our MIDI controller, we recieve a constant stream of messages from the plant, this system is calibrated so as to send out a MIDI note when come into contact. This specific project was calibrated this way based on the environment, but contact is not actually necessary to obtain the same result, the mere presence of the user within a given area is enough to simulate it.

Our installation is a form of sonifying data, in hope of cultivating awareness connected to plant inteligence. We hope that this demonstration will contribute towards a broader understanding on how nature responds to electromagnetic fields. The concept of plant neurbiology is a concept which could modify the way in which we interact with the natural world.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Magdalena Hart

United Kingdom


We envision a future where interaction is organic and very much alive, all living species are sentient and communication among species is fluid. Through biofeedback we can create a universal language for all living beings, a future where we can learn how to read nature, and nature can read us.

Akyute was founded in Barcelona in 2019 by Natalia Gima (Argentina), Mago Hart (UK / Uruguay) and Miriam Felici (Italy).

We found ourselves involved in developing projects within the same area of research whilst studying a Master’s in Audiovisual Innovation & Interactive Environments at Bau, Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona (2019).

In our practice we use technology as a means to reconnect the human experience with the physical and natural world, integrating nature into the digital age, unifying interaction experience design, audiovisual arts and generative sound.

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