Cucito addosso_1 2020

After a lifetime unconsciously spent trying to get away from my own roots, in a moment of reflection but also constraint such as the lockdown, which I lived in my native house, the project that could only be born from the family was born, with all the pain and suffering that deformation of the sense of belonging implies.
Each performance refers to a story or an idea linked to everything that is sewn on you from the moment of your birth: gender, name and surname. With this information and their implications, many people feel free to think they can define you. The inconsistency between these definitions and reality is a source of pain.

Picture by Pietro Beltrami

Cucito addosso _1
cotton thread, apricot blossom, daisy, laurel bud, skin

Cucito addosso_2 2020

Picture by Pietro Beltrami

Cucito addosso _2
cotton thread, half laurel leaf, sage leaf, skin

Cucito addosso_4 2021

Picture by Francesco Lanciotti
cotton thread, needle, skin

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Maddalena Beltrami


I was born and raised in the Tuscan countryside, in a family of artisans, thus being able to take advantage of studies in goldsmithing, restoration, ceramic, photography and carving. Therefore, my first creations were born during my childhood by forging the first rings with my grandfather or on Saturday mornings with my mother, exploring the material of ceramics and coming into contact with international artists. The first part of my education, however, was dedicated to music: violin, piano, cello, and singing, keeping my passion for visual art sideways. But my need to explore the body and the different possibilities of expression led me to train myself professionally in the world of contemporary circus at the Flic Circus school. The long period of the Italian lockdown gave me the opportunity to give shape and direction to my intentions and since then Cucito addosso ("Sewn-on") was born, a project that exploits the knowledge of the body.

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