Lila and Ambrose 2019

A tribute to all women who suffered discrimination. Sacramento, California, Wide Open Walls

Arid and Tropical 2019

What I try to convey in this mural is that we can be different and accept each other in the same way, sometimes I use nature as a metaphor by using the different types of weather as an analogy of different personalities.

Three 2020

Inspire on Argentinean woman and the Delta (a region of Buenos Aires famous for its biodiversity and birds)

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mabel vicentef


Mabel Vicentef is a nomad artist traveling the world, painting and working on high dimension murals. Her oeuvre can be found on public walls of Uruguay, Mexico, USA, Spain, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Morocco, New Zealand as well as several different locations in her homeland. She has taken part in festivals such as F.I.N.I. -International Public Art Festival- (Mexico, 2014), Pinto Tigre Festival (Argentina, 2017), Camprovinarte Street Art Festival (Spain, 2018), Street Art Festival Mostar (Bosnia, 2019), Zen Opuzen (Croatia, 2019), Wide Open Walls and Eureka Street Art Festival (California, 2019) and Mural Fest (Albania, 2019). Vicentef is known for her large scale paintings of beautifully expressive female faces that blend with nature. Both elements, human and environment, seem to be necessarily linked in a relationship of love, care and respect. Her compositions connect us with a universal longing for a more innocent version of humankind, in tune with the beauty of the natural worl


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