REVERIE | 2016

The dream within a dream in the sanctuary of ones soul.

Soul Split Particle | 2017

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what conscious ego could ever reach” C.G.JUNG

This work explores humanity and our collective unconscious could potentially effect the unity of humanity and our ability to come together collectively. A journey through our abstraction of the unconscious – a metaphysical cocoon where we dwell – aware of our human condition. Its within our own consciousness that the fate of humanity rests.

Alpha Omega | 2018

The beginning and the end and everything inbeteen. Mankind, we move relentlessy in a world that is more dangerous and less certain than we ever want to believe, stumbling, recovering but not stopping until then end. In essence, this piece is about Humanity in all its vulnerability and fragility of our future.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Luzena Adams

United States

Luzena is a Director and Photographer who shoots Fashion, Portraiture and Moving Image. She attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she received a Bachelors degree in Art with a specialisation in Photography. On completion Luzena was awarded the Olympus prize for most outstanding graduate and she has continued to receive art awards and international recognition. Luzena's Video has been exhibited throughout the globe and her images are featured regularly in numerous magazines.

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