SonuScape 2018

This work was developed throughout the annual Sound Art
course at Morley College.
This project analyses an hypothetical Graphic Score designed
for an excerpt (60 seconds) of Iannis Xenakis and Edgar
Varèse’s piece ‘Poème électronique’ written for the Philips
Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.
By exploring a third dimension on this abstract 2D notation.
SonuScape proposes the creation of interplay; associating specific
sound extracts from the Xanakis & Varese piece broadcast
in ‘realtime’, with corresponding sculptural elements.
The result is an interactive sonic scape.


Stratum is an integral sculpture of light, sound and architecture
that aims to engage you as a listener and acknowledge
music exploring this futuristic allure – as an art of layering
a whole composition. The translucent skin of the sheets
displayed in the room not only define a spatial path to walkthrough
but also provides an interface for a sound synchronized
play of lights introducing sound in a layered system. The
walls of this room will be covered in mirrors.
This set up performance invites the listener to an interplay
spatial experience, an acoustic resonance soundscape in a
continuum space. the main goal is to create an intimate and
introspective sonic experience to oneself
This project was introduced in a small scale format in the
supplied installation space at Morley Gallery.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Luke Dobbin Liliana Carvalho

United Kingdom

Luke Dobbin is an Irish sound artist from
Omagh, NI.
His work is based on finding new techniques and
interactions between different forms of processes,
both digital and analog, and how these relate to
current sound-based technologies, with a particular
focus on modular synthesis.
Luke has been a participant in the PUSH:Music
residency ran by Modul Projects & Brighter Sound
and a postgraduate student at
NOVARS Research Centre, University of

Liliana Carvalho is a Portuguese architect/sound
artist from Coimbra, PT.
Understanding the relation between sound + space
has been a constant learning curve in her career –
from radio broadcasting to DJing, or music event
production to sound installations, with a current
focus on “aural architecture”.
Liliana has been a guest lecturer at the Sonic Arts
Forum held by Huddersfield University, a participant in the Field Kitchen Academy residency in Berlin, and has had
works displayed in London’s Morley College Gallery.

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