Europe 2018

In this work negates the world constantly bombarded by a series of news programmes and the so-called Fake news spread in virtual space. Blurring the boundaries between lies and truth introduces anxiety and chaos in society, introducing the individual into a sense of manipulation and confusion. Based on the text by Anatol Stern „Europa” from 1929, which has already been used in art, I try to reflect the state of the individual confronted with the reality of news.Through the use of a speech generator I transfer futuristic text to virtual space. The background for the manifesto are overlapping tracks of audio recordings from news services from different countries of the world.

Polish nails 2019

How i can be more polish?
(series of photos)

Control 2019

The pattern of personal search that I used in this project is to draw attention to how the way the customs officer works in similary to the diagram and analysis ofthe robot/computer. The searched person becomes an object analysis customs officer examines his or her body on the basis of human anatemy, mechanically searchingfor errors and disorders while subjugating the searched person. The search causes fear. Transferring the choreography of the personal search, or control, to the movement of the 3D scanner emphasizes similarity of the customs officer, the controller, to the machinę, without depriving him of the human factor. Capturing this dependencje and choreography – using a recording of the screen generated by the scanner’s eye – shows the relationship between the controller and the controlled, choreographies and operations similary to thouse of a machine.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Łukasz Horbów


Horbów (born 1995) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His atystic practice works on principles of creating a collage of social phenomena, borrowings, and principles on which people act. Currently he working on creating legends in art and reviving buildings with sound.

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