Medusa. 2017

Der Prozes 2016

Blu 2019

The painting, titled “Blu” is one of the portraits that I made to friends and people that visited my studio, between 2015 and 2018.
In this painting, in particular, I feel that I had fulfilled my intention, which I had been working on for years. My purpose was to make a painting starting from an abstract use of color, to reach a result that I had intuited, glimpsed, but which I was not yet able to achieve until this painting.
My interest in previous years to this portrait was on understanding the texture of color, working on its abstract nature. To make shapes emerge thanks to an intricate molecular combination of color and find grace in the chaos.
At that time I thought that I needed both the microscope and the telescope, it was this looking at the infinitesimally small and infinitesimally large, up to the invisibility, what I needed.

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Luigi De Simone


Luigi De Simone
Born In Naples in 1970, lives and works in Berlin Germany.
Graduaded in Sculpture at The Accademy of Fine Art of Naples Italy.

Solo show

2019. Plein Air, Treptower Park, Berlin, Germany.
2015. Shoot, Blu di Prussia Gallery, Naples, Italy.
2010. It is not time for classics. Home Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2009. Nervous Hermes, Feurig59 Berlin Germany.
2007. La naturale attrazione delle cose, SupporticoLopez, Naples, Italy.
2003. Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery, Naples, Italy.
2001. Studio 34 Gallery, Salerno, (Italy)
1992. Drawings and Sculputures. Terme di Castellamare di Stabia. Napoli, Italy.

Group Show

2014. Dotland at A Space, Installation with a sound performance by Elbee Bad. Berlin (Germany)

2011. Italiens, junge kunst in der Botschaft, Italian Embassy curated by Marina Sorbello and Alessandra Pace. Berlin, Germany.

2008. Aides Art Project, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.

2006. Emergency Room, Olaf Stuber, Berli

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