All Things Will Change 2019

A photograph in Happisburgh showing a house edging closer and closer to the edge. This is normal for places that are under threat from coastal erosion, and although shocking when you first see it – a regular occurance.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lucy Hayto

United Kingdom

Lucy Hayto is a UK based documentary photographer living in the Midlands. After studying her BA (Honors) at De Montfort University, her work won the Rachel Stevens Prize and was shortlisted for a number of other awards and prizes. She found her feet whilst studying her Masters in Bournemouth and realised her passion for environmental issues.

Her photography work takes a critical view on social and cultural issues. Mostly edging on the genre of documentary, with the main focus being on places and people in our world that are currently shaping our history. The current climate is scary – yet people still are not realising. Lucy wants to show people that these issues are close to home and need to be addressed, or changes need to be made. Having always had the belief that photography can change how a person thinks and feels, Lucy wants to use her photography to do this.

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