Wedding Dress 2019

‘Wedding Dress’ is a functional sculpture intended to trigger an energy transformation. The dress is a “portal” that acquires a symbolic meaning depending on who wears it. The piece reflects on the way mass media and the collective consciousness influences human relations and behavior within the consumer world. ‘Wedding Dress’ is a critique of superficiality, glamour, and luxury design products that represent core values of the market and often condition women to follow traditional patterns of idealisation established by patriarchal societies.
The work refers in texture and color, to a traditional wedding cake , but created with plaster filling applied on wood, by means of a pastry bag, accentuating its playful and ceremonial character.
Wedding Dress, 2019 | plaster on wood panels | 120 x 50 cm | Unique

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Luciana Rondolini


Luciana Rondolini (b. 1976, Buenos Aires) is a visual artist working in photography, video, sculpture and installation.
Rondolini has exhibited her work in Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires; Colección Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat, Buenos Aires; National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA), Buenos Aires; Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires; Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario (MACRO), Rosario; Art Berlin Contemporary, Berlin; PARC, Lima; among others. Solo exhibitions of her work include: Exercises for The End, Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires (2018); The lineage of stones, The Mission Gallery, Chicago, IL (2014); and Tomorrow is just a song away, Ruby Gallery, Buenos Aires (2013). Among her recent awards are: ‘Impulsarte Grant’, La Rural (2017); ‘Award to the Best Artistic Production’, ArteBA Art Fair, Buenos Aires (2013).
Rondolini’s work is in numerous private and public collections including Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires; MNBA.

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