DeConfección 2014

De/Confección is a queer stop-motion auto-fiction in which I figure my own experience and relation with gender and desire through the animation of all kind of images with different techniques. This audiovisual de-collage is centered on my double alter-egos of Ailín, a perverse polymorphous girl, and Marco, the school’s nancy boy, characters halfway between the image and the stain. With them we pass through a series of anecdotes and overlapping impressions, fragmented, sketched and scattered with the raw, warm urgency of an intimate diary. Just as through the games of childhood, the first notions of body and gender are built and legitimized, in De/Confección the images are something put to disarm, senso-political topographies plausible to be intervened and called into question. This work engages with a dissonance poetics, populating the images of leaps through which the characters emerge as interferences, while at the same time peeking at other possible narratives and vanishing points.

Love Bites 2018

Throughout its history, heavy metal has boasted of being tough and fearless, but this is certainly not enough to disguise the cold sweat and solitary tremblings that it brings the descent to a dark, wet basement or dungeon for the first time. As a Leather trans man who was a teenage metalhead, hese vignettes were created as a filthy fan tribute and to fictionally sketch a narrative of origin regarding a young Rob Halford who came to introduce thousands and thousands of metal metal guys into a miriad of queer visual codes and erotic subtexts that came from gay sexual cultures. It’s also about my own fantasy of origin as well, because I tried to capture the mixture of anticipation, fear, excitement that clenched my body everytime that was the first time, that moment where we take action on what we have longed, what we desire. As people identified with a sexual liberation ethos, one should never forgive it how humbling and transformative can be that perfect, awkward moment in our lives.

El Sol Invertido de Rimbaud 2021

Arthur Rimbaud resonates with me as a very powerful solar-lunar archetype. The prodigious rule-defying poet embodied many qualities of the Tarot Sun card while his friendship with mysteries, phosphorescences, and intangible orders of the unknown brought him closer to the Moon Arcana. Here I thought of a young Rimbaud wandering in a desert, we no longer find him basking in some luscious splendor gardens, but suddenly stuck in an eroded desert. To me, the inverted Sun card in tarot feels like Rimbaud's piercing gaze challenging us to ask questions about that solar garden to come, the need for hope and struggle to recover a lost course of life; there is something about that dissatisfaction feeling that is solar, because ignites a form of consciousness spreading like sunlight throughout our organism, impulsing us to dream/act. A dissatisfaction that does not create spiritual deserts, but rather holds the seed of possibility to light us up like rays in all direction of life.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lucas Disalvo


I was born in 1986 in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. I am a bi transsexual visual-video creator and professor in Audiovisual Arts whose expressive field draws on surrealism, the occult, dandiacal figures, pantomime, glam-rock, punk and DIY countercultures, gothic landscapes, Leather and fetish universes and perverse contacts between history and fiction. I have worked in stop-motion animation, experimental video, zine-making and Art research. I consider myself a crafter of fictions motivated by animistic and shapeshifting desires, and always have been obsessed with the transformative contact with realities of an imaginary, multiple, ambiguous and intangible nature. Currently I am engaged in watercolor illustration, collage works and video-animation, combining metaphysical and sexual themes, tarot, archetypes, historical anachronisms, automatic techniques and slapstick humor. I aim to use my forces and passions to create fantastic diegeses, derangement/re enchantment spaces and leaps of faith.

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