Futuristic nightmare (the power of the carbohydrates) 2020

The picture is a rendered CGI giclée print. In the mysterious pink fog, a plastic spaghetti attacks a banana which is sacrificed ritually on a glass table. The futurist movement has an amazing food art part, in which they had a completely new perspective on food, diets, eating habits, and tastes. As a new art movement, they planned a very new and fresh diet instead of the traditional, high-carb, pasta-based Italian diet. The contemporary eating, the diet culture of today, the fitness trends, and the green movement appear as a kind of utopistic vision, where the carbohydrate monster is a nightmare from the past.
80×100, rendered CGI, giclée print

Apples (Borderline) 2020

The painting is about the several choices and the temptation which are constantly surrounding us demonstrated through the symbol of the apple. The subtitle is ‘borderline’, which is one of the leading mental disorders today, the invisible enemy, which makes life a constant struggle.
70×100, acrylic on wood board

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Luca Lovász


I'm a painting student from Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. I have spent three months in Ljubljana, at the Painting department of the Academy Fine Arts and Design during a scholarship, and six months in Marseille as well as a student of the École Des Beaux-Arts de Marseille. I had group exhibitions and collaborations as well. I got the 'Budapest for young talented artist' award at Artmarket Budapest.

Type a message (Budapest, 2016, group exhibition)
When you are sitting on the train and looking at that… (Budapest, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Aula, 2017, group exhibition)
12,7 litre (Budapest, _hidegszoba studio, 2018, collaboration with Petra Petró)
Vica Versa (Riga, 2020)
Artmarket 2020, Budapest
In my work, I deal with various aspects of food, its symbolic significance, as well as with different food cultures and issues that can be associated with them, such as cultural differences, the search for identity, global problems, or personal experiences.

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