Three Channels (Trompe l’OEil). 2018

Print on Plexiglass, 26 x 20 cm each panel
Three Channels (Trompe l’Œil) originates from the attempt to convey a credible vision of reality through the partition of an image into many channels, a typical techique of every digital image processing software. The project consists in overlapping three plexiglass panels that show the same print reproduced into three channels (one for each panel). The
original subject of the print comes from an image of a trompe l’œil, taken from internet and from which I selected only one detail. This detail was first painted, then photographed and finally translated by computer into three chromatic predominants. The art of painting thus establishes a slow, tormented, but productive relationship with digital printing which presents itself as a declaration of lightness, a portable trompe l’œil. I chose a trompe l’œil as the main subject of my artwork due to a presumption of verisimilitude, made both analytical and illusionistic thanks to chromatic partition. This method highlights the hypermediaton which lies behind each process of image selection and reproduction.
Ideally, the plausibility is reached through chromatic decomposition into three primary colours, but not in this case: it is rather both a mere formalist exercise and a poetical celebration of humankind’s attempt to seize reality, and its resulting failure.


Three Channels (Trompe l’OEil). 2017

Print on Plexiglass, 80×45 cm each panel


Three Channels (Trompe l’OEil). 2017

Print on Plexiglass, 177×100 cm each panel

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Luca Arboccò


Rapallo (Genoa), 1992. Lives and works between Genoa and Turin. Education 2017 MFA - Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin (IT) 2014 BFA - Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts, Genoa (IT) 2013 Erasmus program - ADBK München, Munich (DE) Residencies 2018 (forthcoming, Oct - Dec) PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig (DE) Prizes 2017 1st Prize: Frase Got Talent Prize 2017 Workshop/Seminars 2017 The Road to Objects, curated by Clara Madaro, Vincenzo Santancargelo, Chiara Principe 2015 RESPONSaBILITY, curated by Cristina Pistoletto Collaborations 2015/2017 Almanac Inn, Via Reggio 13, 10153, Turin Group Exhibitions 2018 (forthcoming, Dec) PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig (forthcoming, July - Oct) Six Memos, Valladolid (SP), Liverpool (UK), Lublin (PL), curated by Branka Benčić 2016 PILLS, Spazio Barriera, Turin

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