SOLE HARLEM. The one and only, unique and pure – just Harlem, and nothing else. The title introduces Harlem as a magical place of longing that only works and lives within, and cannot carry its characteristics to the outside world. The words do not only convey the uniqueness of this place, but also the ambiguity of the word as in sole or bottom. The sole, meaning the streets of Harlem, is defined as the setting of the photographic staging. It is staged because a place like Harlem cannot be regarded independently from everyone’s abstract ideas about it, disregarding whether or not they have been there. That is why Harlem has to fight with and try to combine our anticipations and clichés with what is at bottom of the streets – which, in the first place, is home. Harlem is home for people with their own individual perspective on their district of New York. Sole Harlem portrays the people and their home, their soul, and thus visualizes Harlem’s sound.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Louise Amelie & Aljaz Fuis


Louise Amelie & Aljaž Fuis are two Berlin based photojournalists with a focus on documentary and street photography.
Awards such as the “Lens Culture Emerging Talent Award 2018”, “Portrait Of Humanity 2019” and the “German Photo Book Prize 2018/19” “, as well as exhibitions in New York, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin, made the two young artists known to an international audience.

2019 House Of Lucie (Lucie Foundation), Los Angeles
2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Library, Tokyo
2019 Goethe Institit, Tokyo
2019 Tama Art University, Tokyo
2019 Cour de lárcheveché, Arles
2019 Photo Basel, Volkshaus Basel
2019 Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen
2019 HKU, Utrecht
2018 Klompching Gallery, New York City
2018 PCA, Paris
2018/19 Forum für Fotografie, Cologne
2018 University of Applied Sciences, Berlin
2018 Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

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