L’eau Bleue #2 2019

“L’eau Bleue” is inspired by the work of Henry Fuseli, whose paintings often portrayed women in very dramatic, sensual poses dressed in flowing dresses. The dresses worn in these images were hand sewn from sheer drapery found in thrift shops. Long exposures were intentionally used to emulate brush strokes and create a painterly quality to the images.

Water colour #5 2019

Have you ever watched what happens when a drop of water colour paint falls from the paintbrush and hits the paper? The colours flow and leave a spectrum of saturation behind. “Water Colour ” was inspired by the shapes and colour formations of these drops. The image have an intentional focus on abstraction, form, colour and contrast. Stripped of context, what remains is sensual, unexpected and intentionally painterly.

Water dancer #1 2018

Diving back into the water after an hiatus, Water Dance was created with the intention to raise questions about beauty. Can something be both beautiful and dark? Subjects are just below the water’s surface, so that their rhythmic movements and exhalations add dynamic brush strokes of abstraction. They are surrounded by darkness which intentionally creates a sense of musty and juxtaposition to the daintiness and grace of the poses of the dancers, further questioning the interplay between beauty, grace and darkness and mystery.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lora Moore-Kakaletris



Lora’s life experiences have brought her to a place where she finds herself driven to create art about who she is, what moves her and what she feels. Her beautiful and dramatic works are filled with personal energy and emotion.  After the traumatic loss of her mother at the young age of twelve Lora suppressed most of her thoughts and feelings until she picked up a camera in her late thirties. Often building  sets by hand to create  intimate, emotive and evocative self portraits, or plunging below the water’s surface, she creates  images that reflect ideas and emotions that viewers are drawn to regardless of their personal journeys. Her images have an intentional painterly quality that gives her work a distinctive yet unique look, often blurring the lines between painting and photograph.

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