Jane 2018

” Hérédité ” Séries.
Reverting to a realistic approach where it all began, the family.
What if the people we thought we knew so well, could still surprise us?
To discover the family myth through singular portraits.

The fantastic cinema awoke my inclination toward spirituality and led me to the searching for symbols within the structure of my artistic creation.
I use fireworks to install a scenery of strangeness. At the time of shooting, that forms part of the loss of markers in my template.

If “Art is Man added to Nature”, the Vaseix forest became the time of my series, the stage of a theatre, where exposed instincts have combined with telluric forces.

“Hérédité”, a psyche with multiple reflections, allowed the lost teenager to restore the ties.
To reinstate the balance lost that is constantly beyond our control and which escapes, to reveal the essential link between man and nature, to freeze this X moment and to pass it in my turn.

Sam 2018

” Hérédité ” Séries.

Nono 2018

” Hérédité ” Séries.

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loïc jean-loup Flament



Loïc Jean-Loup Flament, 45 years old photographer, lives in Paris. After studying biochemistry, he prefers to pursue an artistic curriculum and enrolls in the fine arts. He is familiar with various techniques when assisting photographers. In 2011, he directed videos for electronic magazines and then wrote two short films. Very attached to the silver process, in 2014 he resumed his medium format. In his dark room, he develops a more intimate artistic work and returns to the essential.

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