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Ljiljana Galusic


Ljiljana Galusic
Galle’s personal passion is Street Art. Her artistic journey started with spray paints and
naked walls she turned into colorful murals and graffitis, and she loved it for the freedom
of style it allowed, turing Galle into the self-taught, out-of-the-box artist she is today.
Throughout years of creating street art she worked her way to the artist canvas, where
she found her expression in painting characters and portraits, creating hypnagogic
version of beings and their movements. She does this in the most colorful and playful
way, using impasto style to accentuate each layer of her artistic process. Her particular
freestyle process is consisted of dripping paint on canvas and letting paint migrate and
drops collide until they present itself in a certain shape, which she then continues to
mold. Each painting requires lot of patience and time, while colours settle and layers
dry. This accentuates layers in her work and allows her to create a certain motio

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