Carpe Diem 2021

The moment you realize: "how good", you are a participant in the events that are happening around you, if you felt it, then live in the present, immerse yourself!

I’ll see 2021

To look is not to see. Seeing something more than others see is a rare property of the owner of the gift of clairvoyance. The information-digital space contains all information about humanity since the beginning, but it is not given to everyone, only a select few.

Bright mention 2020

When contemplating this artwork, various associations can arise. I see a part of our world, a corner of the sky, nature, a village, lights and color combinations that are very pleasant to my heart.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Liza Serdechnikova


Liza Serdechnikova is an artist from Moscow, Russia. The member of “Eurasian Art Union”, Abstract Art Section.
She graduated Moscow University of Design and Technology at the Department of Fashion Design. After University she started to work as a designer and manager in a corporate clothing company.
In 2017 she inspired journey in Italy and returned to painting. Since 2020 Her favorite artistic medium is acrylic and the main style of art working is abstract art.
Lisa participated in more 15 group exhibitions and contests. The main ones:
June 2020- An international Exhibition “Watercolorium” of Moscow Art Union. Two paintings are winners in a nomination “The Water element”
August 2020- “Spb Artweek”, the 1-t prize, an artwork “The Lockdown ” in a nomination “Experimental forms”, Spb.
November 2020- «The Russian Artweek», Moscow, “Danilovskiy congress Hall”
January 2021- an All-Russian contest“The Talent of Russia”, «The Carpe Diem» -the 2d place.

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