Another day in Africa 2017

I use spray paint on nylon sack cloth and for my subject i use satire to depict my perception of our da to day lives.

Migration 2015

I use spray paint on nylon sack cloth and the art work shows the current migration crisis in Africa.

Polytricks 2017

I use spray paint on nylon sack cloth and for this piece i have used political satire to depict my perception of international" Politricks".

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lionel Garang


Garang started moving around the markets that are on the outskirts of Nairobi CBD with his bicycle collecting the nylon sack cloth. With a sack in hand and a vegetable vendor to assist him, he started building affordable kiosk for market vendors in 2016. With the experience he got from working with the vendors he gained an aesthetic appreciation for the material and begun researching and experimenting with different techniques and different types of paints on the material. With his background in Graffiti art and matatu painting Garang was able to create his own unique style that combines an appreciation for modern city life in Africa, by incorporating a non-conventional method of using spray paints on his substrates.
Garang’s pieces leave the viewers with a positive feeling because of the words on the work and the materials he uses, despite how one might interpret the image accompanying it. Although simple, it is an image that seems to draw the viewer in again.

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