Tengo. Where are You? 2020

This painting is after Haruki Murakami novel “1Q84”. The main character, named Tengo, waits for his eternal love Aomame to come in children playground at night. He sees two moons in the sky – it’s a sign. In my painting You can see not a japanese playground, but local Vilnius playground in the block I’m living. When I’ve been reading Murakami’s book, I felt a lot of sympathy and common with Tengo. He lives in an old many-flat house, like me. Murakami writes of the special feelings about the old blocks very nicely. I feel that in every part of the world there is the same feeling about the old blocks, and it is important to love where you live. The feeling of waiting for a sign, the atmosphere of waiting for something, what can or cannot happen. The quietness of the night. Tengo wants to write a great novel, but he never suceeds. His life just been passing through, untill he admits to rewrite another author’s novel.

At the bar 2020

These people are sitting at the music-bar, waiting for the concert. The soft red and black hues creates cozy and melancholic atmosphere. This work belongs to the series of paintings about activities in the night.

Student’s night in Antakalnis 2013

It is a huge painting, bright colors, in which I painted me and my friend, lying in bed, smoking cigarettes and having cucumber-mask on our eyes. This was our art-student life – dreaming, and having fun. You can see a christmas string lights on the wall.

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Lina Audronyte-Vladimirova


Born 1986, started oilpainting at 2003. I was impressed about oilpaints, when I had an exercise using them at the art school. This love was so strong, that I changed my plan to study architecture; I became Vilnius Art Academy painting section student instead. Painting studies changed my life forever. I was participating at the ANTIPOPS festival in Kaunas in 2006, and also in the FLUXUS MINISTRY project in Vilnius at 2011. Now I am working with NIGHTS OF CULTURE 2020 and SALVE VILNIUS 2020 projects, my works will be seen there after the quarantine ends. As I have two children, I did some breaks in my path of becoming an artist. But I never gave up, and will never do! I have cool drawings, made with various techniques, and especially pastel. I keep going and reach my goal to join the big scene of the modern art.

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