Utero | 2018

‘Others Dream’ presents a returning to nature in unsettling and otherworldly scenes.

Female figures intermingle within primordial and foreboding landscapes, yet there is a stripping away of the stereotypical vulnerable and fearful woman. Rather, these women appear to be birthed into nature, or perhaps birthed from nature, naked yet unafraid and empowered. There is a sense that the female forms belong as a part of their potentially hostile surroundings.

At dawn and dusk, the edge of slumber and first light, these figures awaken out of the darkness and live in the hours when others dream.


From Where We Came | 2018


The Veil | 2018

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Lilli Waters


Lilli was raised in a handbuilt, mudbrick home on a commune in New South Wales. There was no running water or electricity, but she had the bush as her closest companion throughout her young life. The urge to be close to water and the natural world has stayed with her ever since – and today, she expresses her connection through her fine art photography. A Lilli Waters image has a painterly quality, with macabre or off-kilter elements enlivened by emotion, a sense of movement, jewel-like colours and deft use of light. An ongoing preoccupation is capturing women in landscape. With their identities hidden and glowing bodies melding into the natural world around them, they encourage the viewer to look twice, beneath the surface of the work.

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