Daddy Issues – #4 (Hair of the Dog). 2016

This sculpture was a piece within my BFA graduation show; an installation room called Daddy Issues. The process behind it was to create intuitive tactile pieces that came from personal experience of bereavement with my dad and the idyllic framework that hindsight has now created for me. I made twelve sculptures varying in size and mediums in the room, all representing pieces of that life and the repercussions that come into play today. This particular piece was created from my dog, Coadie’s fur who dad and I adopted together when we first moved to Australia when I was 10. I felted this fur and made it into underwear as a personal piece of clothing and was hung with very thin wire from the concrete and steel sculpture. The felted underwear, in turn, had movement when people walked around the sculpture. I thought about the fragile nature of loss and grief with this piece.


Need A Clue (or a grip). 2018

This was a piece for an exhibition that was curated for and by a community of queer people in Melbourne. The purpose of the exhibition to provide a platform for emerging queer artists residing in Naarm, (Melbourne) by offering an opportunity for exposure. We were asked the questions: what is the business of being queer in regards to your current cultural and lived experience, what architectures do you rely upon within your queerness? My response to this was less directly related to personal experiences and events than other pieces I’ve made. Instead, I thought about my experience of being queer in my community and how my engagement and relationship to it has been about through relating to each other via the understanding of where you come from as who you are and how that’s paved our current identity; the learning and growth gained from those events and those around us, the empathy and importance of forgiveness when learning rather than dividing a community when people with different education make mistakes.


Daddy Issues – #1 (Untitled). 2016

This sculpture was another piece within my BFA graduation show; an installation room called Daddy Issues. This particular piece was a banner piece that was made from fabric and pieces from my dad’s funeral pamphlet collaged together in between markings with crayons, oil pastels, 3D paints, and other fabrics. My process behind it was the same as ‘Hair of the Dog’, please read above.

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Lilli Lovegrove


Lilli Rae Lovegrove is an artist currently residing in Naarm (Melbourne). Their practice engages in the realm of identity and how it’s formation occurs contextually. They explore varying factors and the relationship they develop through their linkage; bereavement and death, sentimentality and tactility, longing and intimacy and the air of a comedic lens that can be applied to these subjects. Lilli works with many different mediums such as fabric, sculpture, textiles, video, painting and often binds these via installations.

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