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My project is about the existence and the movement of people inside the trains in Athens. It is called ¨green line¨ like the name of the train line.
Moving inside the trains in Athens is a daily process for me. In the rush hours being inside the train line in Athens made me feel many times claustrophobia. This feeling made me take the decision to start this project. Transportation has always been intriguing my interest in my art. I have been working on this project for the last 4 years . I capture the light and the darkness of human existence in the underground routes of the train. The speed of the train is creating a strong noise that produces a vibration from which music is coming into being. Human gazes and voices appear within the chaos of the underground movement. People lose their own pace, they move by following the rhythm of the engine of the train. I take my photographs while I move in all these passages. I transform the underground stimulus into pictures. I give emphasis t

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Lilia Agathou


Lilia Agathou is a street photographer and independent film maker living in Athens. Originally she was a dancer so movement is a quality that is connected with her photography. She has also experience in theatrical photography. She has done various studies in arts and photography in Greece, England and Spain. Recently She got involved in making videos of her photos.

She has done an Med in Bristol University with the subject art and education. In London she has done a course on the analysis of Laban system which has helped her to connect movement and theatre. At 2010-2011 she made studies on art photography with Platon Rivellis at Benaki museum. At 2012-2014 she attended the courses on photography with Vasilis Gerontakos. At 2018-2019 she attended personal tutoring on art photography with Michael Grieve (Tutor in Oskreurschule for photography)

She has participated in various exhibitions and art events such as:
– Αrt exhibition, title: “ My favorite things” curator Vassilis Geront

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