Acrylic painting on canvas. 20''x20''
The artwork was inspired and dedicated to Prince, after he passed away. It was my contribution and emotional farewell to this big Artist/Musician.

WHY? 2018

Acrylic painting on canvas. 30" x 40".
Emotional expression of a woman that was going through difficult time in her life and trying to answer so many unanswered question and sudden changes in her life.

Inside out 2018

Mixed media on paper. 20" x 28"
Abstract expression of the of emotional condition. Everything is bubbling inside of a person, and ready to come out of on the surface, waiting for a boiling
point. There is also part of us that is always closed (inside the pyramid), and private, and we will always keep this feeling hidden and far from everyone.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

LIDIA Simeonova

United States

2010 ArtPrize Intl., Grand Rapids, MI
2011 6th Annual revolution: Making Art for Change
2011 Festival of the Arts – LakelandSociety of Artists
2012 Detroit Creative Corridor- Accelerator DC3 Gallery
2012 Art Comes Alive, Molton Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2015 First Place, Nativity’s Festival of the Arts, Farmington Hills, MI
2016 Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
2016 Art Giant Gallery, All Women Show
2016 Gross PointeArtists Association, Joy and Wonder, Grosse Pointe, MI
2017 Artists De Monde, International Art Fair, Cannes, France
2017 Artists Symposium, Athelier ad der Dunau, Vienna, Austria
2017 Women in the Arts, Celebrating the Genius of Women
2017 Seen Blue, Gallery 25N, Milan, Italy
2017 Farmington Hills Citi Hall, Public Exhibition
2018 Women National Caucus for Art, Members Show
2018 Art Kudos, International Show
2018 Shades of Green, Gal

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