Jimi 2019

I liked to collect all my plastic pieces and waste, I was worried that the didn’t have a function anymore, I loved them even if they were only waste and I started to order them by color, it was a pleasure for me to see colored plastic objects and pieces into glass bowls. I was always used to keep every little thing, because I am very attached to memories, but more importantly, because I have always been taught that things should not be thrown away, as long as they have a function…so I found out their new function! I thought to do a mosaic, the face of Marilyn Monroe, using plastic pieces instead of the brushes and colors.

The recycled material, that has lost its original function, in my works acquires the function of “colour” and this way it earns a higher status as part of an art object. These are things that people throw away, one could say that they are rubbish, but at the same time they could be defined as Pop, since they are objects that we all know and recognize as part of

Frida 2017

People often consider me a very good artist, an high-level figurative but they think that my art doesn’t have a deep significance, that does not convey a profound message or a hidden meaning, but it’s pure beauty and appearance. The most challenging part is making people understand that it is not so, indeed, my art is born precisely to convey a strong message. My artworks are figures made of recycled material, material that were “disused”. Were used materials that have lost their original function to become “colour”. In my paintings, paradoxically, a diamond and a broken toy acquire the same value, the artistic one, because they are used as colour, like pieces of a mosaic. My pieces of work are born with a purpose: to focus attention towards the reuse of recycled materials to create art, as well as looking to the concrete and energy. So my art was born not only as creative form, but as awareness to the problem of recycle. It’s a warning to the actual and future world, a world where mor

Rubens 2018

It’s a combination of a lot of things, even if I prefer to take a walk on the beach than rummage through the trash can. I do both the things, because every little piece is precious for my work, and

Of course I always recycle the objects I use, but I don’t have so much because

I’m against disposable plastic and in my daily use I prefer objects made of biodegradable material.

I also buy big stocks of used toys from flea markets and I ask to friends, followers, plastic companies and to the schools to keep their plastic waste for me.

I have several kilograms of plastic in my storage.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Letizia Lanzarotti



Lady Be lives and works in Rome. After the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts, her Contemporary Art starts with artistic use of recycled materials. Since 2010 she exhibited in major art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2013 she staged a curious performance: all the spectators were called to remove the pieces from the installation leavingLady Be creates contemporary mosaics, icons and famous portraits entirely composed of objects that have lost their original function, simply becoming “colors”. Each work has the power to awake memories connected to each object, when you see it closely, and to be perfectly recognizable from far. Moving away from the painting, in fact, the initial confusion caused by the view of an apparently meaningless assemblage becomes astonishment. The subject takes a form and you feel proud of recognizing the face as a whole. The work has a photographic look, its depth emerges clearly with lights and shadows, as well as the memories connected to the subject.

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