from forest 2020

Acrylic painting on canvas, size 100x100cm.

small freedoms 2020

Acrylic painting on canvas, 60x80cm

Glitched 2020

Acrylic painting on canvas, size 60x80cm

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Leticia Chamone


Letícia Veltem Chamone, from Minas Gerais, resident in Santana de Parnaíba, SP. Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1983, she has a degree in Advertising and worked in several areas of design such as advertising creation, editorial illustration, product design and carpentry. At the age of 22, she moved to the state of São Paulo on her own, where she worked with marketing, strategic planning and project management. The painting was kept as a private activity for a long period, until the end of 2019 decided to create an anonymous profile to publicize some works. The positive reaction of strangers and friends was the great motivation that drove to officially disclose his name in the market. The first participation in a group exhibition took place just 30 days after this decision.
Currently, at the age of 37, she is married, businesswoman, mother of two children, keeps her artistic career growing and active in the national market with official representation by an art gallery in the capit

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