Inspiration 2017

This landscape has inspired me so much in my hometown, where I think and hope that one day I will give life to my country with my paintings

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Leoneta Abdyli


Leoneta Abdyli, born on July 3, 1991 in Bujanovac, finished primary and secondary school in her hometown.
Graduated from the Faculty of Arts f Master, painting branch, at the Academy of Arts, Prishtina 2015-2016.
Personal exhibition, House of Culture "Vuk Karadzic" Bujanovac 2013
United Color of Benetton, Italy 2013
Collective exhibition, ASA, Expo Painting & Architecture Prishtina October, 2013
Collective exhibition – Swiss Diamond, Prishtina 2014
Collective exhibition "The Other Side of the Valley", House of Culture "Vuk Karadzic" Bujanovac 2014 (Painting, Photography)
Exhibition for charity – Swiss Diamond, Prishtina 2014 (Painting, Sculpture)
Ekspozite personale ,,Karantine
Support for young artists, “Mother Teresa” Square, Prishtina 2014
Exhibition of paintings by Mother Teresa, Cathedral, Prishtina 2014 Collective exhibition "Draudacum", Gostivar 2014
as well as many international and national collective exhibitions inside and outside the country.

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