Consequentis. 2017

The development of the latest digital technologies has ushered in an era of hyperconnectivity, transforming how we view time, effort, and memory. This new era, which I am a part of, has sparked my interest in exploring the impatience syndrome. Hence I present Consequentis, an extensive process accompanied by the practice of mindfulness.
I believe that both science and art can address issues regarding humans and their environment. In fact, the compositions of the nervous system by Ramon and Cajal (1890-1910) as well as Dr. Gregg Dunn (2014-2017) are examples of the confluence of science and art.
I decided to draw my brain because it is the enigmatic organ where bodily control, thoughts, memory, and emotions all converge. Amen to countering impatience and to achieving deep relaxation like that of meditation.
All that we are depends on the brain.

Memorias de verde. 2014

A través de ejercicios físicos conscientes intento expresar lo inefable oxidando chapas de cobre. Macrofotografía abstracta, expresionismo y poesía.

Melifluo. 2016

Using the cymatics, metallurgical studies and neurology I try to give shapes, colors and textures to thought.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Leonardo Blanc


I was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on June 20, 1980. After finishing high school at the aeronautical technical school of the Fuerza Aerea Argentina (1999), I began my studies at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional. In 2001 I abandoned the electronic engineering major and began studying to be a physical education professor (IPEF). In 2009 I resided in the city of Madrid and achieved the degree Licenciado en ciencias de la actividad física y el deporte (“Licensed in the sciences of physical activity and sports”). In 2010 I began a master’s program in social anthropology at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. My creative processes are the combination of these varied disciplines mixing metallurgical, cymatics, neuroscience, anthropology, drawing, painting and videoart.

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