Interlock objects (target no. 103) 2019

28 ¼” x7 ½” x 28 ¼”
Acrylic and resin casting on Wood

Interlock objects (target no. 99) 2018

28x28x2 ½” 71x71x6 cm,
oil painted aluminium casting on wood,

Interlock objects (target no. 112) 2019

26 x 4 ½ x 11 ¾”,
spray paint and epoxy resin casting on wood

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Lee Tal

United States

"Lee -Tal" is New-York based conceptual pop, multi-disciplinary artist.
His academic education includes a duel B.A degree, one in art history and cinema, and the second one is in general history.
Lee Tal Draw inspiration from “ingredients”, and objects we used in our daily
Life and at the same time, he attempting to dismiss the original purpose, by using
Abstract Geometrical shapes and colors, and combine them as an additional
Physical layer, and by that, bring it into a new concept.
Since the end of his academic studies he conducted as an active artist
His work is collected by major collections worldwide, and his works was exhibits globally, Include at the Tel Aviv museum of art, MASin museum in Mexico, Sejong National Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul, Susquehanna Art Museum and the Whitney Museum in NYC.

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