Sonic Room. 2018

The sonic room is a temporary sculpture that allows the public to enter and acts like a sound kaleidoscope

TEST360. 2016

TEST 360 is a way to show videos of my test in a environment using google cardboard.

TEST468. 2016

TEST468 is a part of a series of test that use sound, movement and material to create obscure movements and sound. For TEST468 the objective is to manipulate the one tone sound that is coming out of the speaker physically by using the inflation of the ballon to press down on the speaker cone as it is inflated.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Lee Mc Donald


Education- Frank Mohr Institute MADTEC, Groningen, Netherlands 2015- 2017 University of the West of England, Bristol B.A Fine Arts 2001-2004 Teaching- Guest lecturer NP3 - Hanze Honours College March 2017 Press- oogtv.2018, Lost painters, Kunst spot Clash-01, Metropolis M, Golden pulse Awards- Grants for the arts, Awarded by the Arts council England for various Projects. PAC Alumni, residency 2014-2015 AA2A, Plymouth University 2013-2015 KARST, Studio resident 2012-2014 Back Lane West, Residency, Redruth, Cornwall UK May 2013 INSANITUS FESTIVAL, Residency, Kaunas, Lithuania October 2012 Celeste art Prize, Shortlisted October 2007 Exhibitions-MARKER, The Grote Markt, Groningen, Netherlands June 2018 CLASH 1#, Groningen, Netherlands, AFTER EDEN, LATARKA, Budapest, Hungary July 2016

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