Flash Berlin 2020

This is a picturei have take in Berlin .it'a piece of a graffiti on a wall and than i put the picture in my Flash on my computer .
After what ' print on a aluminium frame and than i put a bodywork varnish on top.
This creation will déclinat on different support and materials .

collage 2018

This is a mix between real picture i havemade and digital work.
I use do do collage with paper but i also do it with computer

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LEblicq Anthony



Anthony Leblicq was born on August 7, 1973. Born to a Belgian father and an English mother, this self-taught artist was influenced from a young age by two strong cultures. Curious and sociable, his roots and the various encounters he has had over time allow him to enrich his artistic sense. His universe is inspired by the American culture of the 50s to 70s, for which he has a passion. His most important artistic influences are American Pop Art, Kustom Kulture, Instant Lettering, Customization and Comics. Not to mention his fascination for Harley Davidson. It is therefore not surprising to find among his favorite artists, people such as Andy Warhol or Banksy. His technique has evolved greatly over time. Focusing first on papiers collés, he then switches to digital art to return to his first love. From papiers collés, he then passes on to collage,combining elements of various natures. The end result? Apersonal technique: a subtle blend of collage and digital art reinforced by the use of

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