Virtuall Cheers 2021 2021

This mural is dedicated to the celebration of the New Year 2021, a different year than any other year due to the pandemic situation.
"Cheers Virtually", in an artistic way, reflects the real situation of celebrating this new year by virtualy wishing family and friends a healthy and a happy year

Hope 2020

The mural "Hope" , was created in the spring of 2020 at a time of isolation and real life change. This work shows a woman surrounded in the black sphere but in her face penetrate the sunlight and surrounded by pigeons that represent hope. Hope comes as the inspiration of this life change with the hope of a hope for others.

I miss school 2020

This artwork (mural) was created on June 2020, the year of Covid time, when everybody was streesed due to this situation, even kids, staying in isolation fare away from their schools and friends.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lebibe Topalli


Lebibe Topalli; born on 07 July 1981 in Ferizaj, Kosovo
2000 – 2004 Akademy of Arts-(Macedonia)-graduated
2004 – 2006 Masters Degree, post graduate as a painter in the faculty of arts in the
University of Prishtina,.
Teaching professor in High School of Art “Çesk Zadeja ” Ferizaj
Founder and Executive Director of an International Festival of murals MURAL FEST Kosovo
COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS part of 56 collective exhibitions
*2000 Personal exhibition in Turkey
*2005 Personal exhibition –Gallery of Arts–Ferizaj
*2011 Personal exhibition –Gallery of Arts –Ferizaj
*2014 Personal Exhibition – Villa La Grande – France
* 2018 Personal exhibition –Gallery “Cite Du Temps” Geneve Switzerland
* 2018 Personal Exhibition – Bern Switzerland
*2018 Personal Exhibition – Zurrich Switzerland
*2019 Personal Exhibition – Art Gallery Shkodër – Albania
*2019 Personal Exhibition Gallery of Ministry GMK Prishtine Kosovo

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