Goat Talk 2019

You are not a body,
You are an area.
You are not a person,
You are a situation.

Driven by a desire to disassemble into non-living
forms, Goat Talk by Leah Landau re-imagines
personhood and the body as mutable territories.
Landau utilises the subject/object dichotomy of taxidermy together with marketing copy from cryogenics organisation ALCOR Life Extension Foundation to create an eerie new stage of ghosting, hosting and housing

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Leah Landau



Born in Ngunnawal-Canberra, Leah Landau is an Australian artist working with dance, choreography, text and curation.
As a choreographer, Leah most recently performed her work Goat Talk at Dans Massan (2019), Stockholm and Dance Massive Open Studio Program, Melbourne (2019), Smoke Smoking at Danscentrum Stockholm (2019); Romancer at Lucy Guerin Inc.’s Pieces for Small Spaces program 2016 (Melbourne), among many more.
As a dancer Leah has recently performed in Ultimate Dancer a.k.a Louise Ahl’s (SWE/UK) six hour epic saga Hevi Metle at Baltic Circle for Contemporary Art Newcastle (2020) and choreographer Luke George’s (AUS) Public Actions at Dance Massive Festival, Melbourne (2019).
From 2020-2021, Leah curated two programs for Chunky Move’s Activators series: Activators 3: BONANZA! and Activators 4: Conversation Series and First Chapter of a Novel. She is currently based in Stockholm studying a Masters in New Performance Practices.

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