Single winner 2021

Oil on canvas, 120*180*1.7cm(120*90cm double)

Body series IV 2021

Oil on canvas, 120*180*1.7cm(120*90cm double)

Body series of combine 2021

Oil on canvas, 90*120*1.7cm

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Le Liu


Le Liu is an artist based in the UK, most of his works mainly focus on oil paintings, a small part of installations and videos. The human body without a head is a special of his painting. Based on Deleuze’s body without organs philosophy, he tries to use oil paintings to show the body that has escaped from the state of being connected, standardized, symbolized and subjective by society, so it A body that has been dismantled, decomposed, and non-regionalized so that it can be rebuilt in a new way.” It also refers to a body that is alive, restless, free, full of positive desires, and generates appropriate strength. The state of preservation of the essence of freedom, in the way of shaping the human body group image to express the sense of partial lack of contemporary people and the relationship between people and people.

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