G-U-M-E 2021

The structure of the interactive G-U-M-E modular installation is designed parametrically and each of the components is a unique musical and visual work of art.
G-U-M-E provides visitors with an open space that can be changed by each individual independently or in pairs by creating their own sound space by touching smart materials and electronics.
People in the city are usually “cycled” into their routines … walking the same paths over and over again… In order to disrupt these routines and direct the attention of the inhabitants G-U-M-E installation was created. Human experiences in built spaces are multisensoric and are influenced by the intangible properties that these components give to the space, such as e.g. texture, sound, lighting, moisture, and others.
The main goal of such an intervention is to change the urban space in a way that people will stop for a moment and rethink their heritage and future in the light of new technologies for a better tommorow.

Poetic Hieritiums 2020

In order to preserve the links between nature and culture in the destructive society, which poses ecological challenges, we use the teachings of our ancestors, early musicians who followed plant and mushroom life especially closely to stay in tune with the planet's heartbeat.
The earth is like a mosaic of soundscapes and creations, inspiring people, offering them opportunities and setting limits. Like biodiversity, music is the fruit of a common development between humans and nature.
The work “Great Orchestra of Nature” by B. Krause has led to the development of techniques used to translate environmental and organic sound sources into music.
It is the sounds of mushrooms that embody the fairy-tale diversity of cultural identities and imaginations.
Sounds and rhythms we create in the “Poetic Hieritiums” are produced by live fungi, still attached to their mycelial bodies. These produce a weak electric current that constantly fluctuates according to the state of the organism.

Audible Interactive Poetic Plant 2019

In the performative installation Audible Interactive Poetic Plant, Phytolacca and the human body (wearable) are combined together so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable in an interactive project in a unique fully functional soundspace.
The project is speculative in its nature. Two worlds meet: the plant world and the human world. Do they perceive each other? Do they understand each other? Are they sympathetic or hostile? Do they suffer, sense fear and joy together? Could the plant remember the past and current presence of the humans? Do they go along their journey in coexistence or do they cause the deconstruction of each other? Perhaps by opening our minds and hearts and simply talking with plants can destabilize our scientific knowledge, but also open new horizons that could one day, who knows, also be supported by science…

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lavoslava Benčić



Lavoslava Benčić is an intermedia artist and educator. She has been self-employed in culture since 1985. She acquired multimedia skills at the Institute and Academy for Multimedia, Ljubljana. She completed BA Media Project Management studies at Middlesex University, London and post-graduate studies of Graphic Design at the London College UCK and the MA thesis at the Academy of Arts, UNG (Slo). At the Institute and Academy of Multimedia she works as a lecturer in the field of media production. She cooperates with ČIPke, an initiative for women in the context of science, technology and media art in Ljubljana (Slo). She creates and manages new media workshops. Due to her achievements in the field of intermedia art, media project management, design and pedagogy, the Ministry of Culture ranks her among the authors crucial for Slovene culture. Her works have been exhibited/displayed/published 94 times in nineteen countries and awarded thirteen times.

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