Covid-Makonde by LAuroMunguambe 2020

The world has changed. Unable to predict, a spot of contamination has spread across the globe. Vulnerating everyone, the Covid-19 arrived with symptoms of fear of the uncertain future.Although resistant, Africa was not immune to this virus and Mozambique was one of the last countries in the world to feel the poisoned kiss of this pandemic. With the first confirmations in Maputo, the disease quickly devastated the north of the country, where the highest number of positive cases are now recorded. It is in the north, in Cabo Delgado province, that we witness the bravery of the last living Mozambican tribe, the Makonde. An undeniable milestone in our history and culture, this tribe resisted the threats of all the people, who over time tried to dominate it. But is the ancestral vision of the Makonde people capable of fighting this invisible enemy? Is the memory of our tradition immune to the attack of this silent weapon?In an exercise of reflection came the Covid-Makonde project,

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Lauro Munguambe


Lauro Maurício Munguambe Artist and Mozambican Entrepreneur with the professional pseudonym Lauro Munguambe, soon realized that his place was outside the box and was in the suburbs of Matola-Mozambique, in 2012 began to
explore languages in the field of arts and in this period learned techniques such as Design, Photography and Fashion. With these tools he awakened his interest in Fashion Design and Graphic Design, having founded his clothing brand “TRILL- MOZ”, which in the period of 8 years created 8 different collections, and editorials in addition to having participated in individual shows and a national parade of renown “FANCY FASHION WEEK” . Thanks to his dynamism he explored dig- ital arts through graphic design and illustration. Having matured in these fields through self-taught research and participation in workshops and recently in the Masterclass of Digital Design at the “Maputo Fast Forward” festival. Recently he created a virtual exhibition entitled “Covid-MAKONDE”

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